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Tempo Storm home page. Articles. Games. Hearthstone · Meta Snapshot · Sealed Deck Get ahead of the meta in your favorite game with Tempo Storm. Around The Hearth 1d 19h 54m A Hearthstone podcast geared towards Honestly, Quest Rogue just proves how arbitrary tempostorm is. Legend of the Innkeeper 1d 19h 24m A Hearthstone Podcast for Casual Players Competitive Tempo Storm Standard Meta Snapshot 05/22. Adds so much consistency to class. It leaves no room for the players to explore because either cards will be completely crap for your deck, or the cards will be completely crap outside of your deck. Hunter is really strong going first with good draws, but you don't always get that. Posted the link to another comment here, hope you find it. I'm kinda surprised taunt warrior was ever tier 1. In my experience it's just the "played last turn" mechanic for Elementals. Some new cards that are afterthoughts right now will inevitably enter the meta in the future, once those archetypes are fleshed out. With 7 out of 9 Quests not being used, life of the tree seems like Quests are quite the failure. ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series -Season 2 Finals. Can someone please give me the low-down on how to beat it? But I guess as long the technology for incremental updates i. Competitive Tempo Storm Meta Snapshot: The winrates is not the only factor, the quantity of games you can play during the same period of time, for instance is also a thing. tempo storm hearthstone Kolento viewers C9 Kolento Constructed. Still doesn't help if they go "ice to meet you" for 4 turns into vanish. You should aggressively play your creatures early and try to save as much burn as possible for later. LOL evolve shaman is not some secret OP deck that only VS knows about. Discard Warlock just doesn't work. That makes more sense. Midrange Hunter only use one beast that's a dino.

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Hearthstone Best of Eloise Tempo Storm - Funny Plays Moments 2015 - Top Deck My collection from that set is somewhat sparse. There's enough interesting decks. About the midrange thing, it's more that midrange decks lose when they're off the board. My first 5 turn is usually removals and taunts trying to survive and drag the game out so I can stomp my opponent in late game with my ele. I don't understand why we're complaining about a problem that doesn't exist. On Vicious Syndicate's last reportthe list was 8 for Legend rank with

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I think Un'Goro has arguably been the most enjoyable meta for me so far. If only there was a format where otk decks still existed What you lose is the ability to have Aya clear an opponent minion with 3 or more power and 5 or less health and then evolve. Then their was the unicorn priest meme that happened. It's not top tier by metrics beyond opinions. KingVenomStream 88 viewers [Keep] KingVenom VOLTOU! Some say Mages can take out Quest Rogue easily, but I don't think so. I feel like this kinda makes rouge the fun police, as I think without it aggro would be failing horribly. This is the first time they are trying to get ahead of VS with regards to putting an up and coming deck on their tier list. I'd say they're more forced though. The addition of Lyra and Shadow Visions make the deck work, but they're not simply fodder for Purify, they're actually great cards on their own and usable in multiple Priest deck archetypes. Handlock was the funnest deck when it was viable.