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WebMoney Transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities. Means of the Merchant service are used in the WebMoney Transfer System to on merchants ' web-sites: online stores, personal accounts funding services etc. The Merchant WebMoney Transfer is designed to facilitate WebMoney Transfer integration with websites to ensure automated acceptance of funds from. The format must coincide with the format of the Fail URL. Get a loan Debt service. The payment is made in the operative mode, funds are transferred from the customer's purse to the merchant's purse; 1: Fragment of the 'Payment request form' with the URL replacement. In case the field is sent, but the checkbox Necessarily request a signature of the payment form is not activated, a buyer will get an error too. Payment was made in operative mode, funds were transferred to the merchant's purse; 1: This field lets the merchant temporarily replace the parameter 'Method of requesting the Success URL' that they set up on the Merchant WebMoney Transfer site Settings page. Guarantors Agreement on WMZ. No real payments will be made in the test mode, but the service will transmit the data and imitate the payment. Date and time of payment processing in WebMoney Transfer in YYYYMMDD HH: The form transmits the request from the merchant's site to Merchant WebMoney Transfer through the customer's browser. webmoney merchant account Presently, Z, R, E, U and D purses are used in the p.s./stargames. Transaction number in WM Keeper Mobile ; available only in case the customer pays via WM Keeper Mobile. Get a loan Debt service. Decimal separator is used. Using this service means that ego shooter online free will not have to register or top-up WebMoney wallets. It is very easy when the merchant fully implements all the possible options when setting up a store. Automatenaufsteller kaiserslautern that the model described above lets you receive WebMoney payments only for one product or service.

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[PHP] Часть 24. Merchant WebMoney - прием платежей на сайте In case of enable stargames.ro option customers can make payments to the purse only with second factor confirmation - SMS or Enum. Statistics Statistics by year. URL on the merchant's website to which the customer's browser will be redirected if the payment failed. URL must begin with http: Send the Secret Key to the Result URL, if the Result URL is secured - The option informs the service that the Secret Key must be added to the notification sent to the merchant's website if the Result URL is secured SSL is usedi.

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Moreover they must set up a number of parameters regulating the receipt of payments and notification about payments. URL must begin with http: A string of characters that is added to the transfer details sent to the merchant in the notification. Pay attention to the EXEMPLARY implementation of the payment request form in the Plati. Financial Search of Payments. Secret Key is known only to the merchant and Merchant WebMoney Transfer. The notification about the payment form is sent after the user has completely finished the payment i. It may have two values: Transaction number in WM Keeper Mobile ; available only in case the customer pays via WM Keeper Mobile. Usage of trademarks WEBMONEY and WEBMONEY TRANSFER by site owners is authorized by the trademark owners. Parameters and their functions: To find out more about the Transact Automation Tool registration please click here. This form transmits details of initiated payment to the merchant directly before the payment.